Flexibility and support at every stage of the process

Mobile units from Tapflo include both - Air operated diaphragm pumps as well as centrifugal pumps and can be combined with other accessories that make the solution useful for particular application.

The idea of Mobile pumping solutions is best illustrated by examples of units used in the industry and serving real customers to support their processes.

Tapflo is proud to announce that a series of Intelligent diaphragm pumps has been implemented into company’s pump range portfolio. TC Intelligent pumps are fitted with ingenious LEAP® technology developed by Tapflo.

Intelligent diaphragm from Tapflo

LEAP® or ‘Low Energy Air Pump’ is a patented technology used in AODD pumps to reduce the minimum operating air pressure by reducing internal losses and friction found in conventional AODD pumps. - LEAP uses a unique indirect system to detect the position of the diaphragm shaft controlling the diaphragm movement automatically- explains Colin Wreyford Technical Director at Tapflo.


Delta Engineering BV, located in Assen, the Netherlands, is thé trusted and specialized player in the industrial market for the sales and distribution of high quality, A-brand components.

Delta Engineering

Carefully selected, Delta Engineering BV represents a small number of leading manufacturers, located around the world. In fact, each brand has gained worldwide recognition and leadership as preferred supplier to a wide range of industries.


The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation works to ensure that affected children, teens and their families receive the care and support they need. Here you can read more about our core values, history and how we are organized.

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation


Trident Pump&Filtration Ltd.

Tapflo in Montreal has appointed Trident Pump & Filtration as a new dealer and service partner for the provinces of Atlantic Canada (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador).

We are proud to announce our new distributor, Al Sharq as our sole distributor of Tapflo products in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.