Int pic cti-aa-03-centrifugal-pump

The industrial series CTI is designed
with glass blasted pump casing

Int pic cti-d-with-oil-lube-seal

CTI industrial pump with lube seal, a great option
where there is a potential risk of dry running.

  • Int pic cti-aa-03-centrifugal-pump
  • Int pic cti-d-with-oil-lube-seal
Features & Benefits

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Features & Benefits

Made from stainless steel
- Strong and durable

Open impeller
- Can handle solids up to 6 mm

Few components
- Easy to maintain

Closed coupled motor
- Compact and space saving


CTI industrial pumps


A very simple and ingenious design, with only 19 different components grants for easy and quick maintenance, in many cases completely maintenance free. The effect is very short down time and extremely low maintenance costs.

Standard single mechanical seal
provides a wide range of seal face materials – ceramic, graphite, SiC and o-rings in EPDM, FKM or FEP.

The open impeller
is insensitive for solids (max 6 mm). Semi open impeller for heavy duty applications is available as option.

Casing and impeller
components in glass blast stainless steel AISI 316L have a great compatibility with many mild chemicals.

Int ill cti-exploded-view

Pump range:

With 2900 rpm motor:
CTI AA-03    7 m3/h, 10 m
CTI AA-05    12 m3/h, 10 m
CTI BB-07    17 m3/h, 11 m
CTI CC-15    19 m3/h, 22 m
CTI CC-22    34 m3/h, 22 m
CTI CE-22    20 m3/h, 31 m
CTI DD-40    50 m3/h, 22 m
CTI DF-40    28 m3/h, 35 m
CTI EF-55    42 m3/h, 35 m
CTI EG-55    30 m3/h, 47 m
CTI EF-75    60 m3/h, 35 m
CTI EG-75    35 m3/h, 47 m

With 1450 rpm motor:
CTI AA-024    7 m3/h, 2.7 m
CTI BB-054    9 m3/h, 2.8 m
CTI CC-114    18 m3/h, 5.5 m
CTI CE-114    22 m3/h, 7.7 m
CTI DD-224    25 m3/h, 5.5 m
CTI DF-224    34 m3/h, 8.7 m
CTI DG-224    42 m3/h, 12.0 m


Int ill ct-flushed-seal

Flushed seal
Ideal when abrasive or sticky particles are present. This system where a small amount of the pumped product is recirculated from the discharge side to the seal chamber, will save the mechanical seal and seal chamber from being worn.

Int ill ct-lube-seal

Lubricated seal
A great option where there is a potential risk of dry running, or where the product tends to solidify or crystallize. An oil cup is connected to the mechanical seal chamber.

Int ill ct-longcoupled

Long coupled execution
The perfect solution when pumping hot products like oil at temperatures up to 180°C. Complete pump unit mounted on baseplate, with coupling and guard.