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About us

Tapflo – your reliable pump choice

With experience from industrial fluid handling and pump manufacture since 1970, we know what you as a customer require from an industrial pump.

Ever since we started our manufacture of air operated diaphragm pumps, we have always had our winning concept in mind: to create compact diaphragm pumps for reliable duty and with a minimal number of components enabling easy maintenance. We are always keenly aware of new requirements and ideas from our customers. The products are therefore always in continuous progress with improved detail solutions, new materials and further accessories.

About us

Tapflo UK – for all your pumping requirements…

Since 1997 Tapflo UK Ltd has been the sole representative in the UK for the ‘Tapflo Group International’.

With experience in industrial fluid handling and pump manufacture since 1985, Tapflo understand what you as a customer require from an industrial pump.

Our manufacturing process is certified according to ISO 9001:2000. All pumps are also CE-marked and fulfill the demands of the EC machinery directives. We also have Tapflo models certified according to the EC ATEX directive, for products used in explosion hazardous environments.

Tapflo UK Ltd are not only a manufacturer of high quality pumping solutions but also a distributor of a complete range of quality products that are manufactured to the highest quality and standards.

Sole Agents for Pomac
Pomac manufacture a range of hygienic lobe and centrifugal pumps. With EHEDG certification, with a ingenious and effective new type of assembly Pomac have broke away from the styling’s of their competitors.

Sole Agents for Kiesel
Kiesel manufacture a proven range of Flexible Impeller and Screw Pumps. The German based company have created their range to work within the german beverage industry, and have had much success.

Pneumatic Systems
Tapflo have engineered a series of ‘Pneumatic Control Systems’ to modinise the performance and flexibility of a standard diaphragm pump, enabling the end user to be safer and more efficient.

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