Int pic ctv25-pp-vertical-pump

CTV in PP (polypropylene), suitable with most chemicals

Int pic ctv25 pvdf verticalpump

CTV in PVDF, ideal for very aggressive chemicals and for
high temperatures up to 100°C

Int pic ctv25-stainless-steel-blasted

CTV pump in blasted stainless steel AISI 316,
ideal at higher temperatures up to 100°C

Int pic ctv25-stainless-steel-electro-polished

CTV in electro polished stainless steel AISI 316
for special liquids like chromium nickel

  • Int pic ctv25-pp-vertical-pump
  • Int pic ctv25 pvdf verticalpump
  • Int pic ctv25-stainless-steel-blasted
  • Int pic ctv25-stainless-steel-electro-polished
Features & Benefits

No bearings or mechanical seal

- Maintenance free
- Leakage free
- Dry running safe

Pumphead submersed

- Replacing self priming pumps


Tapflo Vertical Pumps

is a single stage vertical centrifugal pump that is simple but very reliable in duty. The pump is specialized for transfer and circulation of various liquids from containers, sumps and tanks.  

How they work

CTV is installed vertically with the motor above the liquid surface. In this way the pump does not need any mechanical seal that usually is a source for leakage problems. Further on the pump is designed to be dry running safe.

The simple design without bearings or mechanical seals grants for a pump that is usually maintenance free. CTV is also insensitive of solids, up to ?? mm are allowed (depending of pump size).

In many installations the CTV pump replaces a self priming pump. The pump head of the CTV is submersed in the liquid. The pump operates more reliable compared with a self priming pump. The submersion depth is 419-425 mm (depending on model) but may also be equipped with a suction extension.


CTV is manufactured from PP (polypropylene), PVDF or stainless steel AISI 316L.

PP (polypropylene) is suitable for most type of chemicals at temperatures up to 70°C. Ideal for pickling baths and acid degrease solutions etc.

PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) has superior chemical and mechanical features. Ideal with hot acids up to 100°C, for example hot hydrofluoric acid.

Stainless steel pumps
The stainless steel version is ideal at higher temperatures, up to 100°C and in special applications like hot sodium hydroxide.

All wetted metal components are made from corrosion resistant stainless steel AISI 316L.

For special applications like handling of chromium nickel, electro polished models are available.

Typical applications
Industry   Example of application
Surface treatment Transfer and return pumping in galvanizing, hot zinc, pickling and oxidation processes
 Water treatment Transfer and return pumping
Heat exchangers Return pumping in heat exchangers
Waste disposal Emptying sumps


Material of components
Pump casing and impeller
stainless steel AISI 316L
Casing O-ring


Sidbilder ctv-pp-pvdf

Pumps in PP & PVDF
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Sidbilder ctv-stainless

Pumps in stainless steel
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Performance overview – PP or PVDF pumps


Performance overview – stainless steel pumps