The new aseptic EHEDG approved
diaphragm pump series

Int pic tx94 ehedg diaphragmpump

TX94 aseptic EHEDG certified diaphragm pump


Pump housing with smooth surfaces and clean ability
- important keys for the EHEDG certification.

  • Ehedgasepticpump
  • Int pic tx94 ehedg diaphragmpump
  • Ehedghousing
Features & Benefits

Gentle pumping
no damage of
sensitive products

Designed for
CIP and SIP cleaning 
- easy cleaning and draining

No horizontal areas
no bacteria growth 


Food & Diary
Pharmaceutics & Comsmetics



TX244 pump

Tapflo TX244 is a 2 1/2" Aseptic pump, designed for service in pharmaceutic-, biotech- and food industries where a clean process is the key. Max capacity is 330 l/min.

Tapflo Aseptic series is EHEDG certified, has FDA and on request USP VI approved materials and conform to the ATEX directive 94/9/EG.

Specifications TX244
Technical info Unit  Value
Max flow 
l/min (US gpm) 330 (87)
Max pressure   
 ml (cu in) 8 (116)
Max air pressure     bar (psi) 8 (116)
Max suction lift dry  
 m (Ft)   4.4 (14.4)
*Max size of solids   
 mm (in) 10 (0.39)
Min temp
 °C (°F) -20 (-4)
Max temp**
 °C (°F) 110 (230)
 kg (lb) 46 (101)
Connections Triclamp DN65, SMS,
DIN and RJT threads,
DIN 11864 clamp
ATEX details Group II, cat 2, T4
Performance curve
Tx244 performance curve 2013