Int pic peptfeseriesdiaphragmpumps

PE & PTFE series pumps 0-820 l/min, 1/4" up to 3"

Int pic tx50tttdiaphragmpump

ATEX approved diaphragm pumps in PTFE

Int pic txr20pdiaphragmpump

ATEX explosion proof pumps in polyethylene

Int pic t100tttdiaphragmpump

PTFE diaphragm pump with PET reinforcement

Int pic t800pdiaphragmpump

3" pump T800 in polyethylene

Int pic td50pdiaphragmpump

PE & PFTE – drum pump

Int pic trt20pdiaphragmpump

PE & PFTE – twin pump

Int pic tf50pfilterpresspump

Filter press pump station, pressure up to 14 bar

  • Int pic peptfeseriesdiaphragmpumps
  • Int pic tx50tttdiaphragmpump
  • Int pic txr20pdiaphragmpump
  • Int pic t100tttdiaphragmpump
  • Int pic t800pdiaphragmpump
  • Int pic td50pdiaphragmpump
  • Int pic trt20pdiaphragmpump
  • Int pic tf50pfilterpresspump
Features & Benefits

Easy to use, no need of guarding device
Flexible and easy to adjust
Low down time and maintenance costs
More options of installation


• Paint & Varnish
• Chemical
• Pharmaceutical   
• Printing
• Pulp & Pape
• Food&Beverages


T50 and TX50 – 1/2″ pump

A powerful middle sized diaphragm pump measuring only 150 × 160 × 243 cm with a flow of up to 60 liter/minute.

Specifications T50
Technical info Unit  Value
Max capacity   l/min (US gpm) 60 (15.8)
Volume per stroke      ml (cu in) 87.5 (5.34)
Max discharge pressure     bar (psi) 8 (116)
Max suction lift dry  
 m (Ft)   2.5 (8)
Max size of solids      mm (in) 4 (0.16)
Max temp in PE      °C (°F) 70  (158)
Max temp in PTFE     °C (°F) 100 (212)
Standard pump T
in PE   
 kg (lb) 5 (11)
Standard pump T
in PTFE   
 kg (lb) 7 (15)


Performance curve
T50 performance curve 2013
Int pic t50pdiaphragmpump

T50 pump in PE (polyethylene)

Int pic td50pdiaphragmpump

TD50 drum pump in PE (polyethylene) c/w
pump tube and handle

Int pic tx50tttdiaphragmpump

TX50 ATEX approved pump in conductive

Downloads for T50

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