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Metal series pumps

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Aluminium pump

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Aluminium drum pump

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Non stick PTFE coated aluminium pump

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Twin diaphragm pump in PTFE coated aluminium

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Stainless steel AISI 316 diaphragm pump

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ATEX approved stainless steel AISI 316L diaphragm pump

  • Int pic metalseriesdiaphragmpumps
  • Int pic tx120adiaphragmpump
  • Int pic txd120-aluminium-drum-pump
  • Int pic tx70xdiaphragmpump
  • Int pic txt70xdiaphragmpump
  • Int pic t220sdiaphragmpump
  • Int pic tx220sdiaphragmpump
Features & Benefits

Easy to maintain – 70% fewer parts

Flexible to install – connections may be rotated 180°


Oil, fat, gasoline and other
petroleum products

Ink, paint, glue and resins

Solvents, alcohol and emulsions



T25 – 1/2" diaphragm pump

Compact and small diaphragm pump (105×116×160 mm) in aluminium and cast iron, ideal for installation where it is little space.

Specifications T25
Technical info Unit  Value
Max capacity   l/min (US gpm) 25 (6.6)
Volume per stroke      ml (cu in) 70 (4.27)
Max discharge pressure     bar (psi) 8 (116)
Max suction lift dry  
 m (Ft)   1,5 (4.9)
Max size of solids      mm (in) 3 (0.12)
Max temp in PE      °C (°F) -
Max temp in PTFE     °C (°F) -
Standard pump T
in alu  
 kg (lb) 2 (4.4)
Standard pump T
in cast iron
 kg (lb) 7 (15)
Performance curve
T25 performance curve 2013
Int pic tx25adiaphragmpump
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