Metal diaphragm twinsideen

Kovové vzduchomembránové čerpadlo v provedení Twin port

Diaphramgpumps mainslide en

Vzduchomembránová čerpadla TAPFLO

Installation twinpumpen

Možná instalace a využití Twin port designu

Int pic txt70xdiaphragmpump

Twin pump in non stick PTFE coated aluminium

Int pic txt25 twin pump aluminium

Twin pump in aluminium

  • Metal diaphragm twinsideen
  • Diaphramgpumps mainslide en
  • Installation twinpumpen
  • Int pic txt70xdiaphragmpump
  • Int pic txt25 twin pump aluminium
Features & Benefits

2 pumps in one – saves space


Trensfer of glue resin
and hardener separated
from each other

Transfer and recirculation
of ink to printing machines