The air supply to the pump is controlled by the level system.


The level control system will sense the liquid level within a few millimetres.

  • Levelcontrolunit
  • Levelcontrol
Pneumatic level
control unit

Make sure the pump stops
at a specified liquid levels.


Pneumatic level
control system

This ingenious system is operated with pneumatic components only. The level control system may be installed in sumps, tanks or tubs to start and stop the pump at certain liquid levels. This system is allowed for use also in explosion hazardous areas, thanks to the absence of electricity.

Evacuating liquid from a sump

The end of the hose ”low” (1) (or end of extension pipe) is placed on the desired low level in the sump and the end of the hose ”high” (2) is placed on the high level position. As the liquid is reaching the high level hose, the pump will start and pump until the liquid level is reaching the end of the low level hose. It is a very accurate system, sensing the levels within a few millimetres.



Installation levelcontrol
Technical data
Dimensions  mm
Control and alarm unit
 200 × 200 × 130
Available for all Tapflo pumps
Material of junction box, protection:
ABS plastic (IP 55 or IP 65) or
stainless steel AISI 316 (IP 44)