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Twin pump – TT


Filter press pump – TF

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  • Filterpresspump
Features & Benefits

Can run dry

Self priming

High pressure transmission
up to 1:2

Few parts – easy to maintain

Compact and Reliable

Long service life


Filter press pump stations

The Tapflo pump station for filterpress feeding is a very compact unit that can be mounted directly to the filterpress. The design and function allows the user a straightforward pressing of slurries.

How they work

Pressure regulator is already mounted to the unit. The pump stations are based on the standard Tapflo pumps from machined polyethylene (PE). An external pressure booster doubles the delivery pressure. For example, with available air pressure of 7 bar, the delivery pressure will be maximum 14 bar.

The installation

As this station works self-regulating, an additional device for regulating the flow quantity is not necessary. Just mount it to the filterpress, connect it – ready.Even the pressure regulator for the air supply is included. For monitoring the filling-level of the filterpress, stroke sensors and stroke counters are available.

 PE & PTFE TF pump range

Size Capacity (l/min   –   gallon)
 50 lit/min    -    1/2"
100 lit/min    -    1"
TF200 200 lit/min    –     1 1/2”
TF400 400 lit/min    –     2”
Features & benefits

Optimal pressure amplification
The output pressure can be regulated up
to 2:1 of input pressure

Plug & Play
The pressure booster is mounted directly on the pump making it a small and compact unit that can be assembled on the filter press

Simple operation principle
Due to its working principle the TF pump does not require any automation nor complicated safety features for proper operation

Delivery scope
Tapflo tf pumps delivery scope - blank
Filterpresspump side
Tf pumps filter press installation

Installation of filter presspump


Robust design

Best durability thanks to balanced diaphragms
and high pressure pump concept

Special design
Using of reinforcement plates, pinscrews and a hybrid air valve ensures reliable and maintenance free operation under high pressure

All Tapflo pumps can be supplied
with a booster making the range
appropriate for almost any application