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New aseptic EHEDG approved diaphragm pump 

Tapflo are now launching the first membrane pump in the company’s new aseptic series.

The series will be available in three sizes for sterile
applications in primarily the pharmaceuticals, bio-technology and foodstuffs industries.

Owing to its special design this is the first Tapflo series to be approved according to EHEDG regulations. 

In order for pump to be EHEDG certified the pump must not feature any internal horizontal surfaces. The reason for this is to prevent any liquid from remaining in the pump after it stops. The pumps are supplied on a platform that allows them to be rotated. Rotation allows the pumps to be emptied and cleaned simply, without dismantling.

Tested and certified

The pumps are both EHEDG and ATEX compliant, this being mandatory for use on their designated markets where inflammable liquids are used. Moreover, pump components are approved by FDA, the Food and Drug Administration. Further, the pump series has been tested and approved by DTI, the Danish Technological Institute; this improves Tapflo’s business prospects on their new potential markets.

Please download information below:
Int pic tx94 ehedg diaphragmpump
Tx94 housing