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Tapflo Group has joined forces with its long time partner Pumportal in CA, USA and established Tapflo America. The company will service all US states and has its head office in Irvine, CA with stock and service facilities in addition to another service and distribution point in Pennsylvania.

The New CTS series self-priming centrifugal pumps

NEW CTS Series Self priming centrifugal pumps

Available NOW!

CTS is an open impeller self-priming centrifugal pump, manufactured from AISI 316L stainless steel.The self-priming feature allows to use the pump in applications where standard CT pumps do not prove useful.

Pompa Centrifuga

Pompa Centrifuga

Le pompe centrifughe della serie CT sono costruite in Acciaio INOX AISI 316L con girante aperta. Le superfici sono elettrolucidate con una finitura ad alta resistenza. Le pompe CT offrono una valida alternativa ad un costo competitivo.

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Pompa a trascinamento magnetico

Pompa a trascinamento magnetico

Le pompe centrifughe serie CTM sono utilizzate nella maggior parte delle industrie dove i liquidi pompati sono chimicamente aggressivi, tossici, a bassa viscosità e senza solidi in sospensione.

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Pompa a membrana

Pompe a membrana

Le pompe Tapflo sono tra le più versatili presenti nel mercato. Grazie al semplice principio di funzionamento, con un design compatto ed affidabile le pompe a membrana Tapflo soddisfano le richieste dei più pesanti impieghi industriali.

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Pompa Verticale

Vertical Pumps

CTV is a single stage vertical centrifugal pump that is simple but very reliable in duty. The pump is specialized for transfer and circulation of various liquids from containers, sumps and tanks. CTV is made from PP , PVDF or stainless steel AISI 316L.

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Pulsation dampeners

NEW DT Series Pulsation dampeners

Available NOW!

The active pulsation dampener is the most efficient way to remove pressure variations on the discharge of the pump. Minimized vibrations and water hammer effects, protection of all kinds of instruments in your pipe system and optimized pump performance are a few benefits.

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Your Pump Solution Provider

Tapflo Group is a manufacturer of industrial process pumps. All pumps are manufactured and assembled in our own factory, design and development is done inhouse.

Today Tapflo Group is represented by own offices in 20 countries and represented by independent distributors in another 33 countries.

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Tapflo is member of the organisations Europump and Swepump

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Tapflo introduces FTA Filter units to offer complete range of Galvanic & Surface Treatment industry solutions.

30 Jun 13:1930 Jun 201530.06.2015 13:19


Standard FTA Filter is delivered with Tapflo Centrifugal Magdrive CTM series pump, that provides safe and leakage free operation. Depending on the unit size FTA filters are available with 1, 3 or 7 twenty inch (20”) polypropylene filter cartridges available in standard porosities of 50, 20, 10 and 1 μm.

Many hazardous chemicals are used in surface treatment processes. An important issue is to provide a safe environment throughout the process from pre-treatment, surface treatment, after treatment to waste handling. This involves encapsulation and automation of the process and handling of chemicals. Safe and reliable pumps and filters are important components to create a safe process.

New Centrifugal magnetic drive pump for handling of hazardous fluids from Tapflo.

25 Jun 14:1525 Jun 201525.06.2015 14:15

Tapflo magnetic centrifugal pumps ctm 32

Tapflo introduces new, bigger and more powerful Centrifugal Magnetic Drive pump – CTM 32 – 12,5.

Tapflo CTM horizontal centrifugal pumps are pumps of centrifugal type where the power from the motor is transmitted to the centrifugal impeller by means of a magnetic coupling. CTM pumps are designed and manufactured for chemical transfer and circulation surface treatment industries.  Now Tapflo introduces the biggest CTM pump in range

Tapflo at Food Pack Asia in Thailand

05 Feb 13:5005 Feb 201505.02.2015 13:50


Tapflo particiapted in Food Pack Asia in co operation with S Reich Co Ltd.

Food Pack Asia 2015 is the most comprehensive platform for ASEAN food and packaging industry. The show focuses on new technology, machinery and business solutions to serve the growing food and packaging industry in Thailand and ASEAN.

Tapflo expands with distribution in Iceland

22 Dec 14:4022 Dec 201422.12.2014 14:40


We are proude to announce our new distributor, Landvelar Ltd as our sole distributor of Tapflo products in the republic of Iceland.

Landvélar Ltd is one of the leading companies in Iceland in sales and service of hydraulic and pneumatic applications as well as related equipment.

The company has through the years built up a very close network of qualified representatives all around Iceland, and the sales people and technical support teams located at the Kopavogur store ensure that the representatives are always highly informed and much aware of all the industries innovations and service needs, whether concerning the fishing industry witch is Iceland’s most important industry or any other type of industry.

Distribution in Puerto Rico

04 Sep 00:0004 Sep 201404.09.2014 00:00


Tapflo proudly announces its appointment of Excellent Engineering Equipment Inc in San Juan, Puerto Rico as authorized distributor for the East Caribbean region of Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. 

For Tapflo Group this is an important step in our expansion in the Caribbean and central American region as well as a really important component in our growth strategy for the region, says Hakan Ekstrand, CEO of Tapflo in Sweden. 

Since 2006 Excellent Engineering Equipment has been supplying quality process equipment to food, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical and waste water in Puerto Rico. The people at Excellent Engineering Equipment pride themselves on offering the highest levels of technical support and service available in Puerto Rico.

Tapflo expands - New office in Japan

30 Jul 13:3430 Jul 201430.07.2014 13:34


Tapflo Group is proud to announce its incorporation of Tapflo Japan KK, タプフロー株式会社

From 1st of Maj our Tapflo Japan office is opened in Tokyo. Tapflo Japan will cover import, distribution and aftermarket service for the full Tapflo range.

As we have made business with Japan for many years we have now, after sucessfully made a case study funded by NOPEF, established our sales office in Tokyo says Mr Hakan Ekstrand.The Japanese market is extremely important for Tapflo’s growth in the far east, and a receipt of the product being technically superior, to enter such a high demanding market as Japan says Mr Osamu Hoshino, Managing Director of Tapflo Japan KK.

Tapflo Group releases new Self-priming Centrifugal Pump

18 Jul 09:3518 Jul 201418.07.2014 09:35


Self-priming Centrifugal pump (CTS) is the second new product released this year by Swedish manufacturer. Few moths before a new active pulsation dampener was introduced to the market.
CTS is an open impeller self-priming centrifugal pump, manufactured from AISI 316L stainless steel.
The self-priming feature allows to use the pump in applications where standard CT pumps do not prove useful. The CTS pump is capable of creating up to 4,5 m of suction lift.

- Only the suction pipe has to be immersed and the pump can be located at a convenient spot. Disassembly of the pump can be done without interfering into the piping -explains Hakan Ekstrand Managing director at Tapflo Group.

The new CTS pump features simple and ingenious design, easy and quick maintenance and in many cases is completely maintenance free.

- Thanks to our ingenious design the customer can only replace one part on regular Tapflo CT pump to achieve the self-priming ability – says Mikolaj Laguna-Horodniczy from Tapflo Marketing.

- The product is also available in optional and special execution such as Lubricated seal and Hygienic shroud – adds Laguna-Horodniczy.

Distribution in New Zealand

30 Apr 09:1730 Apr 201430.04.2014 09:17


Tapflo Group sets up new distribution in New Zealand. This is an important step in Tapflo expansion in Oceania and New Zealand and is a really important component in Tapflo Group growth strategy for the region.

Since 1995 HCD Flow Technology has been supplying quality hose, couplers, pumping equipment, rubber products, and conveyor belts to the NZ market. The people at HCD Flow Technology pride themselves on offering the highest levels of technical support and service available in NZ. HCD Flow Technology has 7 branches located in Whangarei, Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Nelson, Mt. Maunganui, Christchurch and Dunedin with distributors in every region of NZ and many Pacific Islands.

Read more on http://www.hcdflowtech.co.nz

NEW DT Series active pulsation dampeners

10 Apr 07:3210 Apr 201410.04.2014 07:32

Pdx70 at pulsation dampener

New, revolutionary Tapflo active pulsation dampener solution assures minimized vibrations and water hammer effects.
Protection of all kinds of instruments in your pipe system. Optimized pump performance and reduced maintenance costs. These are only a few of the benefits using the DT dampeners.

Learn more here about new DT series…

TX244 – new aseptic EHEDG diaphragm pump

11 Oct 10:3811 Oct 201211.10.2012 10:38

Int pic t244-aseptic-diaphragm-pump-side

Tapflo is now extending the range of membrane pumps in the company’s aseptic series.

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5 Years Warranty

14 May 15:5014 May 201214.05.2012 15:50

Int ill 5 year warranty

Tapflo is proud to announce its new extended 5 years Limited Product Warranty.

Learn more about our warranty conditions here…

New 3" stainless steel pump

08 Dec 15:0008 Dec 201108.12.2011 15:00

Int pic t820sdiaphragmpump

Tapflo is increasing the T series metal pump capacity with the launching of the new T820 S, a diaphragm pump made from stainless steel with an impressive capacity of 820 l/min.

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Maintenance videos

06 Jul 12:0906 Jul 201106.07.2011 12:09

Int pic alu-aodd-pump-assembly

Maintaining Tapflo pumps shall always be quick and easy. Learn how to maintain our diaphragm pumps by watching our new video clips,  click here to watch them…

New 3" aluminium pump available

19 Nov 14:5419 Nov 201019.11.2010 14:54

Int pic tx820adiaphragmpump

We are happy to introduce the ”big brother” in the metal diaphragm pump series – the 3” aluminium pump TX820.

Read the press release here…

Find tech details about TX820 here…

Tapflo group celebrating 30 years!

15 Feb 07:0015 Feb 201015.02.2010 07:00

Int ill tapflo30year

In the year 1980 Temag Pumpar, now a company within the Tapflo group was founded in Sweden.

Learn more about the Tapflo history here…

Tapflo Aseptic - for the highest hygienic requirements

08 May 08:5908 May 200908.05.2009 08:59

Int pic tx94 ehedg diaphragmpump

TX94 Aseptic diaphragm pump

In order for pump to be EHEDG certified the pump must not feature any internal horizontal surfaces. The reason for this is to prevent any liquid from remaining in the pump after it stops.

Learn more about the aseptic pumps here…


Pumps pumps and pumps

05 May 15:0205 May 200905.05.2009 15:02

The Tapflo diaphragm pump is driven by compressed air. The two diaphragms, connected by a diaphragm shaft, are pushed back and forth by. The diaphragms using an auto.